Satbet Live Casino Games

Satbet Live Casino allows you to bet on any number of online games. To add to that, you can get a welcome bonus of up to 10,000 INR on your deposit in India and apply it to any game/slot.

Play different casino games in live format in the Satbet casino.

About Satbet Live Casino

At Satbet Live Casino there are lots of exciting and unusual games, from the most well-known and simple to the most multitasking ones. For those who like to play to feel the effect of reality, the platform meets all the requests concerning this account. You are presented with games with a live host as well as real other players. The effect as a live game creates special effects and drives the game. The players actively chat with each other, while the dealer hands out the cards, all this you watch on the screen of your monitor live. The important thing about making the game transparent is that you can clearly trace the actions of all the participants.

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Types of Live Games at Satbet

Satbet’s online casino offers table games, live dealer games, traditional and video slots, and lots more. To view the entire list of games from global providers, go to the bookmaker’s official website. In the Casino section, available both on the site and in the app, in the top corner just to the right, click on Live Casino with a dropdown box. Suggested below is a selection of popular games, with their respective descriptions and benefits.


Same old roulette. One of the most frequented games on the Satbet site, it invites players to bet on the probability of different numbers, number combinations or red and black sectors. The game is dynamic and multifunctional. The playing table has a 37-number wheel, along with sectors with symbols for different types of betting. The gambler puts his chips on the sectors, and the croupier then runs the ball on the wheel in Live mode. Based on the landings of the ball, the bet that wins is calculated. The benefits of the game:

  • You play on the site in real time with a live dealer;
  • Ability to communicate with other players during the round;
  • Available for use with a Satbet app.

Spin Roulette and win money in the Satbet casino.


Baccarat, considered a favorite game in James Bond casinos, is a classic gambling game beloved by casino-goers around the world. When playing baccarat, all bets for each hand must be completed before that hand begins. Once the game starts, two cards are dealt for each of the two hands. This counts as the player’s hand and the bank’s hand. The main goal of the game is to predict which of these two hands will have the closest total to nine. Playing this game, many advantages make it stand out and make it so renowned for the opportunity to win money:

  • All game strategies have been worked out by current players and can be relied upon and taken into account;
  • The rule consists of one task: to guess a number close to 9;
  • A variety of bets in the game.

Play popular Baccarat games in India in the Satbet casino.


One of the most popular Blackjack games in the world is presented on the Satbet website. Its great popularity is due to the simple rules, the speed of the game and the simple strategy in counting cards.  The point is to score an amount closer to 21, over 21 than the dealer’s, but without breaking 21 (overcards). The start of the game begins with your assessment of the situation: two cards are laid out, you look and do a count of your cards, and if necessary, you can take more cards from the deck. The blackjack game offers a series of advantages:

  • Satbet Casino offers a high RTP, which increases your chances of winning;
  • The game can be played through a mobile app without losing functionality;
  • Convenient interface and a large range of bets.

Win casino bank with Blackjack games in the Satbet casino.


Poker is known all over the world. A poker session consists of individual games – hands or hands. The goal of the player in each of them is to take the bank, which is formed by the contributions of the participants. Opponents enter the trade by betting or exit it by declaring a fold and folding the hand. She suggests that by his actions the poker player is trying to portray a better hand than he actually has. Game advantages:

  • Availability and speed of the game;
  • Simple rules of the game;
  • The online process is identical to the game in real life.

Play Poker games with real people in the Satbet casino.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a simple card game that originated several centuries ago in the Indian province of Bangalore. Its appeal lies in its simplicity. The goal of the game is to guess which side of the table a card of pre-selected value will appear, Andar, on the left, or Bahar, that on the right, from the players’ point of view. There are 50:50 odds of winning in the main game, although there is also the option of additional bets that offer less favorable odds, but can liven up the game. Game advantages:

  • Online chat;
  • Interactive control panel;
  • Convenient user interface;
  • Special rates;
  • Can be played on mobile phones/tablets, or desktop computers.

Win money by playing the Andar Bahar game in the Satbet casino.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti stands for three cards. This is an Indian game of chance and is almost identical to the British game 3 Card Brag. A 52-sheet standard deck is used. The range of cards is from Ace (high) to deuce (low) Players usually range from 4 to 7 people. Before the game, you should decide on the size of the bet. Each player puts one bet into the pot. The dealer deals three cards to each player (one at a time). The players then bet in a fight for the bank. The best combination of three cards takes the pot. All players have the option: to play in the dark (blind) or in the light, looking at their cards (seen). Game features:

  • Ante Bet;
  • Blind bet;
  • No special characters;
  • No free rounds;
  • No multipliers.

Entertain yourself by playing Teen Patti games in the Satbet casino.

Satbet Live Casino Pros and Cons

Live casinos are distinguished by their ability to show the player the live reality of the game without leaving home. The use of live dealers means that the player plays casino games via live streaming, the cards are dealt by a real croupier, and there is the possibility of live interaction with other players. This section at Satbet is undoubtedly in great demand, capable of recreating the traditional casino experience – with a bonus that is credited to the deposit and can be an additional attribute on your way to victory. Although there is no doubt that those among the masses of pluses can see the disadvantages of this genre of live games. In the table, we have tried to display some of them:

Live Casino ProsLive Casino Cons
Direct play using live dealersSlow internet speeds can result in poor game quality
Round-the-clock access to the section both on the website and through the mobile applicationOn-line game delay
The platform gives a feeling of safety and security
All games and slots are licensed
Deposit and Withdrawal of winnings are confidential and almost instantaneous


What are the benefits of Satbet live casino games?

The Satbet platform offers only licensed games from global providers. A number of bonuses are justified by their use: a large selection of live games and slots with the best bonus offers that are relevant for all new users and serve as an additional chance to win big sums, fast deposit and withdrawal methods with the most popular methods in India.

What is the difference between online games and live casino games?

The main difference is that in an online casino you don’t meet other players in person. When you play poker or other games that may involve multiple players, you cannot directly interact with them.