Antifraud Policy

Fraud, financial fraud and money laundering are among the most pressing problems in the gambling industry. Satbet takes a negative attitude towards all such types of violations and takes all possible measures to discourage them. We encourage our customers not to violate the rules of the site and the law in order not to expose themselves to the risk of criminal prosecution.

Satbet protects you from fraud.

Satbet Antifraud Principles and Regulations

In order to reduce the number of cases of fraud on the Satbet website and app, we have implemented several rules and restrictions that apply to each registered user:

  • You cannot create a new account if you already have one. Re-registering on Satbet is forbidden. Attempting to create another account will result in being blocked;
  • You must be 18 years old. Minors cannot play casino or bet on sports. Trying to cheat the administration and provide a false date of birth will also lead to the blocking of your accounts;
  • It is possible to make financial transactions only within the limits applicable to a particular payment system. Satbet has minimum and maximum amounts for deposits and withdrawals by various methods;
  • Requisites, from which you make a deposit or to which you withdraw money, must belong to you. It is forbidden to use other people’s bank cards and electronic wallets.

Also, if the account has suspicious activity, it may be temporarily blocked. The security service will conduct its own investigation. If the player was engaged in fraud, the blocking will become permanent, and the information about the offender will be at the disposal of law enforcement agencies.

Don't share your private Satbet data with other people.